Many survival gear fetish objects are made to resemble a credit card, to fit in a wallet. A smartphone in a rubber case feels like a slab of mud, like mutant skin. Mobile payware gets named things like "Intuit" and comes with alien, fruit-like card swipers. Ads for financial services, social networks, and mobile devices look like they're for blockbuster movies, or use the rendering styles of Primitivist paintings to lure us into another world. Actual credit cards still use a punched font that looks like an inmate tattoo. ATM interfaces look more and more sci-fi. Security cameras render us as mutant creatures, tracking changes as we move in and out of hazard zones and states of suspicion. Face-tracking algorithms resemble primitive masks. Actual primitive money in some cases resembled spinal cords. MRIs of frogs and snakes highlight recent mutations and stored eggs as the most valuable parts of an image. A snake sees others in its own suspicious way, as a patchwork of colors radiating heat. A mud slab becomes a carbon copy, a Kissi twist becomes a personalized 3D DNA print, a ripe "exotic" fruit offers an "insert card" slot for roaming, wireless transactions, or is sliced into scannable portions.

See also: Soft Mobility, Essence of Entity Installation/Event


Tracking Slab 03 (Smart Mobility) 2013

Smart Mobility
Tracking Slab 02 (Smart Mobility) 2012

Smart Mobility Portrait 001
"A Patchwork of Colors Radiating Heat", Self-Portrait, 2012


Global Security Mutations

Smart Mobility Installation at 131 Chrystie, New York, 2012

Sunrise, Full Room Smart Mobility Installation at 131 Chrystie, New York, 2012

Full Room Smart Mobility Installation at Essence of Entity, 131 Chrystie, New York, 2012