"As a Patchwork of Colors Radiating Heat"
Self Portrait, Smart Mobility, 2012

Scene I: Erase Credit History
Finger Scan (Prop) Insert Card 02 (Prop), Black Hole: Mutant Sequence 06 (Script), Scanner Entity (Prop, Character Model)
Decal, styrofoam and wall seam, video, scanner, mirror plinth
Carbon Copy 02: Tracks and Tracking Slab (Script, Prop)
Mutant Sequence 04
Credit imprints, stickers, sequins, clay
Carbon Copy 01B: Mutant Sequence 02, Value Scale (Script)
Unidentified fruit, ink, paper
Custom Scan Rapid Prototype #09: Primitive Exchange (Prop)
Satin cord
Global Security Mutation Tracks, Tracking Slabs (Props) Black glass, decals
Itemized Still from Carbon Copy 01B: Mutant Sequence 02 (Script)Unidentified fruit, ink, paper
Global Security Mutation Tracking Slabs (Installation View)
Insert Card 01: RoamPay (Installation View)
Deep Debt, DNA Modified Kissi Twist Rapid Prototype (Script, Prop)
Mutant Sequence 03
Carbon Copy 02 Tracks and Tracking Slab
Mutant Sequence 04
(Installation View with acrylic vitrine, fruit, and strobe)
Credit imprints, stickers, sequins, clay
Handheld Scanner (Prop)
Black Hole: Mutant Sequence 09(Script)
Where Is The Blood? : Mutant Sequence 10 (Script)
Carbon Copy 02 with lights
Insert Card 01: RoamPay (Prop)
Value Scale: Mutant Sequence 11 (Script)
Roaming (Oasis) (Scenery)
Primitive Exchange (Prop)
Extend Credit Line (Prop)
Spinal Stretcher
Insert Card, Smart Swipe: Mobile Payware (Prop)
Most Value (Prop)
Current Mood Value, Mutant Sequence 22 (Prop)
Current Mood Value Scale (Prop)
Secure, Vital, Authentic, Genuine Slab
Crystal, Decals
Black Hole Installation View
8x6" LCD
Bio Scan (Prop)
Most Flexible (Mobile Payware) (Prop)
Roaming (Oasis)(Backdrop)
Mobile Payware (Prop)
Roaming (Oasis) (Backdrop)

SOFT REVEAL: SMART MOBILITY (DEEP DEBT, ALIENWARE, SECURE SCAN) 08.30 – 09.01.2012 @ Essence of Entity, New York
























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